Evacuation Plan or Shelter in Place

Facility and business managers are responsible for ensuring their building, site or event is prepared for an emergency under existing Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. Depending on the type and size of an emergency, there may only be 2 protective actions available: Evacuation or Shelter in Place.

My Emergency Management can work with facility and business managers, tourism operators, event managers and any other business or community to help you to fully understand the hazards and risks you have and to determine which protection action provides the safest emergency response.

  1. An evacuation plan in the event of a large building fire, dangerous goods leak or spill, bomb threat, infrastructure failure, bush or grass fire etc or,
  2. In the event of an external threat such as a large building fire or hazardous chemical incident emitting toxic smoke or vapor cloud or from the threat of a bushfire and it is too late to evacuate, Shelter in Place maybe the only option.

My Emergency Management has extensive expertise and practical experience in evacuation planning and identifying and assessing Shelter in Place options for businesses and communities.

Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Development of risk and evidence based Evacuation Plans,
  • Training and exercising Evacuation Plans,
  • Assessment of potential Shelter in Place options including:
    • Suitability of existing building design, construction and safety measures,
    • Design and construction standards and safety measures for new buildings, and
    • Private Bushfire Shelters,
    • Neighborhood Safer Places,
    • Community Fire Refuges,
    • Open sites or areas

Using people with the right mix of expertise and practical experience in fire and emergency management could be what determines if the risk mitigation and protective action you adopt are the most suitable and effective for success.

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