Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

To ensure an EMP is going to be effective, it should be based on a risk assessment which identifies all hazards and risks so they are analysed and evaluated to determine the most cost effective and practical risk reduction/mitigation measures to achieve a level of risk you are willing to accept and meets the regulatory authority’s requirements.

Using the outcomes from the risk assessment, the EMP will provide the necessary risk and evidence based emergency management equipment, systems, training, and procedures across the prevention, readiness and response continuum including Evacuation, and if required, Shelter in Place from external emergencies, i.e. bushfires.

We provide Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Planning for all risk types including:

  • Hospitals and all types of health care facilities,
  • Educations facilities,
  • School and all other types of camps,
  • Caravan parks and all other tourism sites and facilities
  • Commercial and industrial buildings and sites
  • Major events,
  • Detention facilities
  • Waste and recycling facilities, and
  • Much more

We recommend the EMP be developed in close consultation with relevant stakeholders and the key agencies with specific legislative responsibility in emergency management and regulatory compliance.

With 30 year’s professional firefighting and emergency management experience, we enjoy excellent networks and relationships with CFA, MFB, SES, EMV, DWELP, Victoria Police, DHHS and other key stakeholders. This allows us to negotiate on our client’s behalf to achieve the best practical and cost effective outcomes and ensuring the EMP is informed and supported by the appropriate emergency service providers.

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