Building Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Compliance

My Emergency Management has expertise and experience helping facility and business managers to identify and understand their hazards and risks, and to determine the most cost effective and practical ways to:

  • prevent building fires,
  • ensure they have the most cost effective fire protection equipment and systems required to quickly extinguish fires, minimise fire spread and damage, and to safely evacuate the building, and
  • achieve compliance with the Building Fire Safety Regulations, Dangerous Goods Regulations, and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

We bring a strong understanding of fire and emergency management combined with experience in compliance audits, risk and fire engineering to identify weaknesses and exposures in building fire safety and protection and developing practical performance measures to reduce the building vulnerability and achieve a cost effective and risk based level of fire safety.

The building fire risk management services we provide include:

  • Detailed fire and other emergency risk assessments,
  • Essential safety measures compliance audits,
  • Dangerous goods regulatory compliance audits,
  • Building regulation 309 and 1003 requirements involving fire safety matters,
  • Design risk based fire protection systems,
  • Building emergency management plans,
  • Evacuation plans,
  • Shelter in Place assessments from external emergencies, i.e. bushfires.

We recommend close consultation with relevant stakeholders, particularly the fire services to secure their support and approval. With 30 years professional firefighting and emergency management experience supported by fire protection and engineering qualifications, we enjoy excellent networks and relationships with CFA and MFB. This allows us to negotiate on our client’s behalf to achieve the best cost effective practical fire safety outcomes.  

Please call 0437 393 455 or send us a message to find out how we can help you.