With the increasing effects of climate change, we can expect businesses and communities to face more and more serious natural disasters. Whilst the consequences themselves cannot be prevented, their impact and effect can be influenced by understanding the risks and our vulnerability. Only then will it be possible to eliminate or reduce our exposure.

There are also those day-to-day hazards and risks businesses and individual households face from complacency, non-compliance with regulations and standards, poor preventative maintenance and work practices.

Those who have gone through a serious fire and other disaster will testify to the difficulty of returning back to normal, many never do. One of the key challenges to post disaster recovery is working through government bureaucracy and red tape which can be very frustrating and time consuming, particularly after a major event where large numbers of loses have occurred.

My Emergency Management is focused on helping people, communities and businesses to avoid becoming a victim by helping you to achieve self-reliance and resilience. By taking responsibility for your own risks and vulnerability, you can eliminate many hazards and mitigate the risks to a level you are willing to accept. Alternatively, you may decide the hazards and risks are too high and reevaluate your situation. We can help you achieve a level of independence and security to protect your family or your businesses future.